Monday, 14 July 2008

What's Your Top Three

What are you top three Kathy Kirby songs,

leave us a message here and let us know.


Anonymous said...

Your the answer to everything.
In all the world.

trevor said...

The Way of Love.

I'll Catch The Sun.

So There I Go Again.

Trevor Lloyd.

A.J. Dale said...

Dance On
(Kathy's vocals are so much better than the Shadows version)

I Belong
(Should have won Eurovision 65)

You're the One
(No, you are)

Anonymous said...

That old feeling.
Reach out for me.
Little green apples.

Tom R. said...

Dance On (Lively version of Shadow's hit)
Secret Love (Loved the film from which this came. This was a cracking rendition by Kathy)
Let Me Go Lover (A sixties showpiece of power and control)

Anonymous said...

HI James,
Having probs e mailing,
How about adding some of Kathy's lesser known songs to the list such as :-
Your the answer to everything, this should have been released as a single, big mistake, it would have seured Kathy at the top of the tree.

Reach out for me, the best version I have ever heard.

Little green apples should have been an A side.

Closer, is another one that should have been released as a single.

An ardent fan since 62.

James said...

Will make sure that the tracks are added. This site is purely for Kathy fans - so am only too happy to oblige. Thanks for the blog James

david barker said...

You're the one

Where in the World

My prayer

I like so many I could go on forever

Dave Barker

trevor said...

Here There and Everywhere.

Buddy Can You Spare a Dime.

My Man.


Anonymous said...

Hi James,

Just read your comments re the list of songs recorded by Kathy gathering dust in the Decca vaults.

Truly unbelievable that Decca have never released these songs.

What would it take to get Decca to release these songs, can Kathy's fans raise a petition, would this be of any help ?

It would be fantastic to hear these never before released songs sung by Kathy.

I remember Kathy singing PEOPLE on one of her BBC shows, her interpretation was show stopping, I wondered why she never recorded this song.

Also wondered if it would be possible to add Kathy's song "In All the World! to the playlist, It was such a happy song.

Many thanks and keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Hi James, me again (Annon )

I still cannot believe that Decca Recrds are still sitting on unreleased songs recorded by Kathy.

Do they not realise that the masses of Kirby fans would give their right arm to buy a CD of unreleased songs, I hope they are intending to include these on the much awaited CD/DVD, please Deccca listen to the fans.

I cannot recal any other singer who had(has) the versatility of Kathy, she could sing anything, pop, classics, big band, musicals, C&W , you name it, she could sing it with ease. sadly since Kathy stopped singing the UK lost their most versatile and entertaining performers ever.

Whilst her fans respect Kathy's wish not to return to the recordind studio the least Decca can do is to release these songs.

P.S. Come on Columbia Records, I am sure you have some unreleased songs gathering dust also.

James said...

Hello Annon! Sorry I don't have your Christain name to respond to.
Universal now hold all the rights to the Decca archive material on Kathy. If you want to email me, I will be happy to give you their address to see what kind of response you get, if you want to write to them. Best wishes James

Anonymous said...

These must be the best!!!!

"Dance On"
"I Belong"
"Secret Love"

Simon Papa.

Dave said...

My top three:-
Where in the world.
Secret Love.
Will I never learn.

On the subject of Kathy's unreleased recordings what criteria does the record company have for not releasing them on CD?


Harry said...

Let Me Go, Lover
Wheel of Fortune
Who's Sorry Now

Ah! The Memories!

angela rayner said...

youre the one

that old feeling

big man

angela rayner

Maggie said...

Turn Around
The Way of Love
and I can't decide between:
I Almost Called Your Name or
Ill Catch The Sun

Anonymous said...

Yonatan (Israel)

kevin said...

Following in my father's footsteps.

Secret Love.

Dance on.


Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Kirby,

This is Valentins - Day and so lovely Day !

I´m far but I´ve a bouquet of beautiful Thanks! and good Wishes for today and springtide.

Every time If I listen your lovely Songs

'If You Were the Only Boy in the World',

'Make Someone Happy' and 'It Only Happens When I dance with you'

as many again is for me Valentins day.

Thanks a million! for so much pleasure.

Thanks a lot James for your position of trust, you are so really friend for all of us and

also a lovely Valentins - Day for you.

Please say hello for me - love and success!

Best regards! ...justin

Anonymous said...

dance on. secret love. big man

SapperK9 said...

1. Secret Love

2. Let me go lover...

3. Dance on

Anonymous said...

Top Three

Let Me Go Lover

You're the One

Dance On

ken said...

Hi my top three

Let me go Lover
secret Love
One day

But I love all the songs Secret Love was the first record that I ever bought


Anonymous said...

(1): You're The One
(2): The Way of Love
(3): Here, There and Everywhere.

What a fab job James has done for this site. I am so looking forward to the DVD and a new CD.
I also hope for a 'live' CD sometime.


colin webb said...

Secret love. I belong. Your the one.

ralph said...

no regrets
the way of love
till the end of time

deetee said...

What a simply lovely sound she has - my favourites are Let Me Go Lover, Secret Love & my very very very most favourite is DANCE ON!

Wish I could go back (I was born in 1957) & be a teenager in the sixties...I admit my music tastes are stuck in the sixties. Just a beautiful voice - if only we could all go on forever. Kathy has earnt a special place in my heart, my head & always in my home. Purely delightful.

Debbie Thurlow
Laidley QLD 4341

Anonymous said...

My top three are
Dance On
Big Man
I Belong
I`ve only just discovered Kathy Kirby and she is the greatest female vocalist I have ever heard.
Kylie Hughes
Age 20

kRISTOF said...

My top three Kathy Kirby songs are...
If you Were the Only Boy in the World

I wish you love

My Way

mm23547818 said...

Turn Around

Dance On

Secret Love

I could go on forever, there are so many..

Anonymous said...

I'll Always Love You
In All The World
The Way Of Love

Terry Reynolds said...

"Secret love" is my favourite

bubblesron said...

Dance On - always will be the best
Secret Love
Let me Go Lover