Saturday, 28 February 2009

Welcome to the Official Kathy Kirby Website comments for 2009

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jimmy said...

So sad to hear the news.You have been a favorite of mine since you started singing on tv.I have your records on a juke box in my kitchen.My personal favorite "DANCE ON".Dance on Kathy.
Jimmy Hardy.

george said...

Hi All fans out there
Kathy brought joy to many thousand
around the world i first saw her in
stars and garters as a kid now 64
been listening to her music ever since,

tammy said...

So sad to hear of the passing of Kathy, She was one of this countries greatest singers, if not the best, she will be sadly missed.
I am sure that all her fans will join me in saying, Our Thanks to You.

Your greatest fan.

jacqueline said...

Hearing about the news just now of kathy's death, I am reminded of how very highly in my esteem I have held her ever since she first sang that marvellous rendition of: Secret Love. From that instance and ever since, she gained a secure place in the hearts and minds of the British people (and no doubt far further afield). What kathy sang about in that song became part of the English vernacular - we all knew the highs of feeling deeply in love, and how to express that "from the highest hill . . . even to the golden daffodil . . . . " SUPERB!!
I feel very very sad to receive news of her death. We have all been blessed to live during a time Kathy was part of our lives. Her singing takes us to places of high pleasure, soaring above the humdrum everyday domestic. She was gorgeous in appearance and anyone who can sing like an angel, must surely be one. I have no doubt that she holds a firm place in the celestial heavens, anywhere less lovely just would not do, not for our Kathy. Thank you so very much dear kathy for all the pleasure you gave us. God Bless you and look over you forever.
Love love love from jackie xx

Bill said...

I was so saddened to hear the passing of dear Kathy. It was in the very early 1960's when I first met Kathy, at the time I was a photographer working for Associated Rediffusion and Kathy was a regular star in 'Stars and Garters' on ITV. I was privileged to have worked with her on a number of picture shoots during that period, in fact, when she had just received the first pressing of her record, 'Secret Love' I was photographing her at her Mayfair flat, she was so excited she played the record at full volume while singing along with it and I was treated to a wonderful performance.
Kathy will always be remembered as the star with the infectious bubbly personality, who lit up the room whenever she entered and gave so much pleasure to so many people.
She will be greatly missed.
May you rest in peace,
Luv, Bill Orchard

Anthony said...

I remember as a young boy having all the records in a box and I put on Secret Love by Kathy Kirby. I had never heard of her before. I was amazed by her powerful voice. I heard that she became a recluse and longed to meet her to say how much I loved that song. Sadly that opportunity has now passed. Such a shame

David said...

it is nearly 3 months since Kathy's passing and I am very pleased that this site is still here.
Kathy music is still with us and she will always be in the hearts of her fans.
I do hope that Universal are still going to issue a CD of the unreleased songs by Kathy as a tribute to a great singer.

I hope Kathy is giving a good sing song in heaven.



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